We are a team of wellness seekers and wellness providers, real estate experts and hospitality innovators, looking to bring nature to city and city to nature.

Gil Atzlan

Gil Atzlan As Founder & CEO, Gil has 20+ years experience in international real estate development, overseeing acquisition, design, management and financing of commercial, residential and hospitality projects in three continents, aggregating up to $400M in value. Gil circumnavigated the globe in a sailing boat and found all destinations to have broken health systems regardless of their socio-economic status which inspired him to create EEVA as a natural wellness alternative for humanity.

Natalie Sarig

Natalie Sarig Hailing from Tel Aviv, Natalie has 15+ years of versatile background in design and large scale production, developing and managing projects from seed to completion. Her design vision for EEVA is to create a harmonious balance of elegance, assimilation in nature and local tradition while maintaining the highest standards of quality and comfort, with a commitment for sustainability, and use of local materials.

Santiago Ynigo

Santiago Ynigo 12+ years of experience developing over $1B in real estate and managing hotel, commercial and residential projects in The Americas, Europe and Asia for employers and clients such as Faena, Lushna and Soneva. Santiago joined in 2019 to oversee all aspects of asset management and business development with the intention to make EEVA into the most sustainable hospitality brand in the world.

Rebecca Marshall,

16+ years of experience in psychology, mind-body & holistic health, developing and leading versatile science-based treatments and programs. Rebecca is leading the wellness coaching program by combining proven mind-body methods from eastern and western medicine.​​

Ron Nir

Ron’s 15+ years of experience in Real Estate Development in acquisitions, sales and management has been essential for his role as CFO for EEVA Group. He currently oversees a real estate portfolio of $10M in hospitality oriented properties in the United States. Ron is a Co-Founder of EEVA, as an Angel Investor he helped develop and manage the project since the first parcel acquisition in Pavones, Costa Rica. His expertise and passion for eco-therapy will help us grow EEVA into a Global Organization.

Dr.Irene Sanchez-Celis

20 + years of experience in Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Body-Mind Therapy & Bio Energetic Practices. Developing and leading holistic methodologies with the combination of practical tools & technologies based in eastern/ western medicine & multi faith spiritual traditions for the liberation of the individual, the collective & planet. Irene brings a holistic approach to EEVA’s bespoke wellness programs to address each client’s unique needs helping them thrive to their fullest potential.