“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves”

-John Muir-

Your Tropical Paradise​

Immersed deep in nature at the South of Costa Rica, where guests may discover some of the world’s grandest surfing waves, lies the enchanting fishing village of Pavones.

Home to thousands of animal and plant species—including the Toucan, Howler Monkey, Scarlet Macaw, and Red-eyed Tree Frog—Pavons features stunning displays of exotic and dense flora with over 9000 species of flowering plants that are protected by an extensive system of national parks.

In this magical surfers haven, hiking, yoga, and wildlife observation are just a few of the activities guests might explore while visiting our inaugural EVVA Wellness Village.

EEVA Pavones is a tropical wellness resort with the intent to offer a space for a retreat where deep listening, healing, and transformation are possible.

State-of-the-art facilities with top-quality amenities welcome guests; the EEVA design reflects the tranquil qualities of nature for guests to feel home within the elements. Personalized services are available to suit the needs of the experiential traveler and global wanderer.

Your Healing Sanctuary
In the Heart of Nature​

Eco-Chic Lodging
Medicinal Garden
Plant-Based Kitchen
Nature Spa
Your River Getaway

Our Wellness Village
~ Opening 2022 ~

Take in the beauty and wisdom of the tropics from one of our prime beachfront Private Residences. Plots are available for purchase and are designed and located to allow maximum privacy, tranquility, and pleasure while remaining within-range for guests to indulge in EEVA’s unique services and amenities.

The lush, abundant, and romantic landscape allows natural light and picturesque views within each of the EEVA Residences. All of the sprawling villas are crafted from locally-made materials that support the environment and are eco-friendly.

EEVA’s vision is to create a home for guests within the heart of the wild, with attentiveness to crafting suites and villas that are eco-friendly and agree with Costa Rica’s ecosystem. The villas stand-alone and attached by wooden walkways to the adjoining facilities; EEVA’s bespoke design features allow for each Private Residence to accommodate each family’s specific requirements and needs in living arrangement while honoring EEVA’s guiding principles in creating a wellness lifestyle.