“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live”

Dalai Lama

Our Blueprint for Sustainable Development

EEVA strives to give more to the environment, emphasizing the four pillars of regeneration; our sustainability blueprint aligns with our vision and values for healing, intention, and regeneration, for all our guests and Mother Earth.


Regenerative Design & Development

Our commitment is to design & develop a community that supports the creation and sustentation of a better environment.
– Net Positive Environmental Impact
– Low-Density Design & Low Impact Development
– Locally Sourced, Repurposed & Sustainable
– Construction Materials


Community Engagement

Our corporate social responsibility program supports the community and pillars we feel are essential for the regeneration and radical inclusion of our neighbors.
– Education
– Waste Management
– Loop Economy


Self-Sustainable Operations

We intend to minimize the impact of our operations on local resources and mitigate the carbon footprint of all our travelers.
– > 90% Recycled & Up-Cycled Waste Management
– 100% Self-Produced Electricity & Renewable Energy
– 100% Self-Produced Water & STP System
– Net Positive Carbon Footprint & Mitigation Program


EEVA Regeneration Assessment

Our criteria for an annual self-assessment to ensure we meet our goals of re-generating Mother Earth
– Environmental Impact
– Human Empowerment
– Social Integration
– Economic Growth
– Community Tax