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Wild Nature Retreat

Coming Soon. Matapalo, Costa Rica

To be held at Blue Osa Retreat, a natural reserve far beyond Costa Rica’s tourist trail, the serene and secluded location promises a safe and welcoming space for deep healing and transformation.

With the guidance and expertise of practitioners in the areas of:



Integrative mental health

Integrative medicine

Holistic nutrition

Breath work

 … and more. Expect to embark on your wellness journey starting with your unique assessment. This supports the creation of bespoke and tailor-made wellness plans suited to your needs.

Your individual path to well-being is our priority. 

EEVA Retreats – healing and transformation

Imagine being transported into a new world.

A world where personalized healing and transformational experiences await – except they’re entirely bespoke and unique to you. This is exactly what EEVA Retreats are designed to offer; personalized wellness experiences where no two healing journeys are the same.

The spark of inspiration for your wellness journey starts with an EEVA  Retreat; a deep-healing nature retreat for those who are seeking rest, rejuvenation, creative exploration, and support to initiate a holistic lifestyle.

Our team of expert facilitators are here to help you optimize your experience and support your journey to achieving your definition of optimal wellness. You’ll explore and be immersed in the five pillars of EEVA Wellness:

Nutrition | Movement | Ecotherapy | Meditation | Plant-Based Medicine

It all begins with your yes

Your retreat experience is EEVA’s mission to curate a space where you feel safe to purge the past, surpass unnecessary boundaries, and shift into a new mindset where a revolution in body and mind is possible.

How To Begin

Your wellness journey starts the moment you sign up



A call with one of our wellness experts will shape the foundation of your bespoke plan for the retreat. This is the beginning of your journey to improved health and immunity.


your health blueprint

Your custom plan will then be designed around your needs and unique journey, resulting in a personalized blueprint to follow during your time at the retreat.


Your Itinerary

This will lead to outlining your tailored diet, activities, exercise, styles of meditation, seminars, and lectures that would best serve you to achieve your goals.


into your wellness
The Signature Retreat is just the beginning. Your wellness journey continues with support from EEVA Experts. See that the foundations of optimal vitality and health established during the retreat continue to be nurtured throughout your future.
Book Your Exploration Call

Your journey begins with a personal consultation call with an EEVA Wellness Expert.

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